What is bitcoin mining pool and the influence of best bitcoin mining pools

The cryptocurrency mining is referred as a mining pool as this is the place of resources pooling by miners sharing over a network their  how to start bitcoin miningprocessing power, so that they split equally the rewards, as per the work amount to be contributed to finding a block.

How does a mining pool work?

Pooled mining is an approach that generates multiple clients and contributes to block generation. This splits the reward as per the processing power contributed.  The pooled bitcoin mining reduces effectively the block generation rewards and over time it spreads smoothly.

There are many new launches recently of virtual currencies and the most renowned cryptocurrency is the bitcoin. This retains the top position and is used widely in financial transactions, as it has highest market capitalization and is suitable for mining activities.

There is increasing interest about bitcoins and its activity that people are keen to know about best bitcoin mining pool. There is popularity increasing among crypto enthusiasts.

Bitcoin Mining Pools

The bitcoin blocks are found by a mining pool and these are the best bitcoin mining pool as of now:


AntPool is a privately-owned company known as Bitmain Technologies Ltd, based in Beijing, China. The company designs new-age ASIC chips capable of bitcoin mining.  AntPool has discovered around 18% total bitcoin blocks that it ensures to be consistent in mining pools. Thus, the hashrate of this pool of AntPool is at 3600 PH/s(Petahash/second).


This follows AntPool mining pool producing the maximum bitcoin blocks numbers after AntPool and is operated by BTC.com. It generates nearly 16.5% of bitcoin blocks. This pool was founded in September 2016, and is owned now by Bitmain Technologies Ltd, the Chinese firm running AntPool.

BTC.com supports the payout methodology of (FPPS) full pay-per-share payout. The proponents claim it to be beneficial to miners as it adds a standard transaction fee to the rewards, thereby making the overall payout to be higher than the standard pay-per-share (PPS). It maintains currently a hashrate of 5.88EH/s (Exahash per second.)


BTC.TOP, has mined over 13% of total bitcoins in six months. The pool offers the Bitcoin Cash mining option, besides bitcoin. The pool hashrate is in the range of 3100 (PH/s). Bitcoin cash mining pool


ViaBTC is a diversified pool offering different cryptocurrencies and this includes Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, ETC, ETH, Dash and ZEC.  In fact, ViaBTC generated out of total bitcoin blocks around 11.5% and it maintains 2.77s EH/s hashrate pool for its mining pool.