Crypto Millionaire Lost 5,500 Bitcoins in Alleged Investment Scam

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Cryptocurrency News Today

From the latest cryptocurrency news today, it is alleged that one of the youngest cryptocurrency millionaire has been entangled in one of the bitter scams that led him to more than 5,500 bitcoins is one of the well planned investment scam. Various sources including some of Thailand’s news agencies have drawn public attention due to fact that it involved a local actor. This came to a shock to other investors basically because this was a huge loss especially due to the fact that it involves a scan that could have been avoided.

There are a number of best cryptocurrency news sites which have further heightened the stakes as far as this story is concerned. One of such new sites includes the Bangkok Post which expressed the fact that a there was a group approach this young businessman in the name of investing in various Thai stocks, a casino in Macau and new cryptocurrency platform known as the Dragon Coin. It is from this encounter that it is thought that the young millionaire succumbed to the scam. This was one of the painful and the biggest scam that led to a loss of such a huge amount.

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Other top cryptocurrency news sites after approaching the young millionaire, the group of investors claimed that they could use dragon coin investment and invest the bitcoins in the casino they had agreed upon. The millionaire, Saarimaa is said to have been taken to the Casino called Macau Casino just to show that it was a legitimate one. Eventually, the millionaire allowed a transfer of 5,564 bitcoins to the group that was to be used on the Macau Casino investment. This is a consistent story that was being given by various news sources.

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The millionaire sat back and waited for the returns from the investment but after months of waiting, nothing came his way. This was according to the latest cryptocurrency news which continued to expose the fact that he later resorted to filing a complaint at the Thailand Crime Suppression Division (CSD). They had jointly reported the issue with his business partner who also had a share on the lost amount.

From the best cryptocurrency news, the CSD launched an investigation and later found that the scammers did not actually make an investment at the casino but converted the bitcoins into liquid cash which were later transferred into various accounts. The person behind this scam was the millionaire’s sibling who is now on the run.

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