The 5 Best Monero Wallets of 2018

Introduction and Best monero wallet

Monero Wallet is software you download from the Internet in order to start mining, trading or saving Monero cryptocurrency. You Best monero walletcan think of it as a type of virtual bank account specialized for you cryptocurrency. Or, you can think of it as a type of an e-mail address for your coins. It is necessary for sending or receiving coins. Each cryptocurrency has its own wallet, so does the Monero too.

Top 5 Monero Wallets of 2018

#1 My Monero

The benefits of this Monero wallet include absolute simplicity. No e-mail address, no long authentication procedures. Monero is user-friendly, Best monero wallet web-based wallet chosen by a majority of Monero traders.

#2 the full-node Monero GUI wallet

The greatest asset of the downloadable Monero GUI wallet is being extremely reliable, safe and trustworthy. The only requirement is having the Monero blockchain downloaded prior to installation of the full-node Monero GUI wallet.

# 3 Monerujo Android wallet

This advanced Android Monero wallet is currently the only wallet of this kind supported by Monero. It uses high-technology solutions, QR codes scanner, Monero – Bitcoin conversion option (finally!) and many other benefits which ease sending, receiving, exchanging and trading Monero just a few clicks on your Android away.

#4 Cake Wallet

This is a wallet designed for iOS devices. The key difference between the Monerujo Android wallet and CakeWallet, apart from the obvious Android – iOS one, is the fact that CakeWallet does not store the keys within the device and the Android wallet does. Furthermore, the CakeWallet Monero wallet supports exchange both with Bitcoin and Ethereum. Some other cryptocurrencies are supported as well and this trend is expected to continue in the future as well.

#5 Paper Wallet

As this is a completely different type of a wallet, it is somewhat difficult to compare to the top 4 wallets described here. Its greatest advantages include extreme safety (keys stored on a paper) and no need for internet connection (after loading the webpage). Most people choose it due to a high safety feature. However, Monero paper wallet those opting for this type of a wallet should secure their paper version of safety keys, as that is the only way to gain access to one’s account.


There are many types of Monero wallets available online, but My Monero, full-node Monero GUI wallet, Monerujo Android wallet, CakeWallet, and the Paper Wallet are proven as the most reliable and user-friendly ones.