Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, EOS, Binance Coin, Stellar, Cardano, TRON: Price Analysis

Price Analysis

Experts are expecting the Bitcoin to advance further in the forthcoming months, as the Halvening is due in 2020. They are even advising investors to invest around the existing levels and retain around 1 to 5% of their total investment portfolio in Bitcoins. An equally promising picture is cast by alternative crypto currencies. Paragraphs underneath has compare the price of the cryptocurrencies in respect of USD.

Price Analysis of the common crypto currencies with respect to USD

  • Bitcoin: on May 23rd, the Bitcoin News suggests that, the initial support for BTC was around 7413 USD that reflects a promising and positive sign. This Price Analysis implies there will be a bullish movement with these resources, in the forthcoming months.
  • Ethereum: for the last few days, Ethereum has been ranging around the range of 225 USD. This suggests an impressive demand for these resources at lower levels. In the opinion of the experts, it is possible for ETH to rally to range between 300 and 325 USD within a few months.
  • XRP: Ripple is already trying to bounce-off the extent of EMA it has reached in the last 20 days. Experts foresee that, in case, the resources can overcome the barrier, it is likely that it will stretch by an extent of 6 USD. Experts are confident that Ripple will not take long to overcome this pull back.
  • Bitcoin Cash: BCH is presently tending to overcome the overhead resistance in the range of 450 USD. This clearly promises positive potential for the investors with Bitcoin Cash.
  • EOS: within last 20 days, EOS recorded a sharp rise which is a positive indicator. It is anticipated that it will race to the range of 9 USD.
  • Litecoin: LTC had already shattered the resistance of 91 USD and is confidently racing to cross the overhead resistance at the range of 107 USD within a few months. It is projected that Litecoin can reach to the highest extent of 158 USD, before 2020.
  • Binance Coin: Binance Coin retains its strength as one of the major cryptocurrencies as it continues to bounce higher. Experts are already advocating that it would not take much type for this cryptocurrency to reach to the extent of 41 USD, if the movement continues in the same manner.
  • Stellar: continuing the same pace as observed over a few months, Stellar presently stands a bit higher over 50 USD.
  • Cardano: though it has impressed with its movement in the last 20 days, however, experts are not banking on this resource to a large extent.

Tron: presently, Tron has been observed to attempt a rise over the overhead resistance range of 0.028 USD. The level targeted is in the range between 0.4 and 0.5 USD.

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