Ripio Is Launching a Crypto Exchange for 3 Latin American Nations


Rippo has announced its endeavor to come up with a new exchange for Cryptocurrencies for investors from 3 markets across Latin America. This is a startup which is working hard to make Crypto currencies more popular in Argentina.

As stated by the company officials, the proposed exchange will operate in Argentina, Brazil as well as in Mexico. However, due to the regulatory reasons, investors from Mexico will be entitled for fixed-price purchases only. As on date, the company has already started a platform for peer-to-peer lending and Crypto wallet services. In addition, the company is presently working on a project to come up with a platform for Over the Counter trading, meant for its institutional investors. As per the officials of the company, the community of Cryptocurrency investors in Argentina resembles the mob at Consensus.

RIPO  give the top priority to education

Users, using the new exchange for the first time will only have the permission to opt for fixed price buying and selling of the crypto currencies. They will be served with quality learning materials that will offer deep insights on topics like the process flow for Cryptocurrencies, along with video posts, news updates, as well as blogs and they can participate in forums to acquire more knowledge. In the opinion of the officials, after users spend a considerable time in the exchange, acquiring more knowledge and experience, they will be allowed to participate in more complex and intricate trading options.

RIPPO has everything in its bounty, ranging between Stores, ICO and Loans

The company was originally founded in the year 2013, by the name Bitpagos, and later, in 2014, remodeling of the company gave birth to its present brand name. As per company data, they re presently deals with more than 300,000 users from Latin America, with the average age of these users ranging between 25 and 40 years. Presently, the company is running around 8000 stores across Latin America to buy and sell Bitcoins. In these stores, one can deposits Fiat currencies to their Bitcoin accounts. In addition, the company is successfully running a peer-to-peer loan framework, which has already recorded 500 cases, with the average size of these loans ranging around 100 USD. In 2016, Rippo raised around 37 Million USD, through an ICO to power this unique credit network.

Once, the proposed project for the new exchange gets completed, investors from Latin America can definitely expect for good times in crypto currency investments.

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