Cryptocurrency: What will be the future scenario?

The application and advancements of Cryptocurrency have taken the digital market by storm. But before we proceed to understand the Cryptocurrency-future-newsfuture aspects of latest Cryptocurrency news, it is essential for you to understand what it is. To keep it short and simple, it can aptly be defined as the digital currency which is created as well as managed with the use of advanced techniques for encryption which is termed as cryptography. In the year 2009, cryptocurrency changed its course of action by being transformed from a basic academic concept into VR (Virtual Reality). This was when Bitcoin came into existence. Now that you understand what cryptocurrency is let’s take a sneak peek into the future.

1-Increased Scrutiny

Bitcoin has increased in popularity given its benefits such as decentralization along with transaction anonymity. Cryptocurrency has bagged the attention of many government agencies that include the SEC, FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, FBI, DHS (Department of Homeland Security), and many others. Being monitored by government agencies has increased the consumer protection while prevention of money laundering in the digital platform.

2-Multiple Alternatives

Bitcoin has been increasing its presence regarding success and growth visibility since its launch. How to buy cryptocurrency this has increased in the unveiling of numerous alternatives to the cryptocurrencies that can be used on behalf of the Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Ripple, and Mint Chip has emerged as the newly updated modes of the digital transaction with better features that enhance the way people transact over the internet.

3-Interest from the institutional investors

Given the fact that higher number of government officials are looking forward to regulating cryptocurrencies, more investors are now feeling secure when it comes to investing funds for cryptocurrency platform. With the added advantage of regulation, the institutional investors shall be exposed to less anxiety with funds in an asset that is viable with less uncertainty.

4-Cryptocurrency will still be volatile

Even though some measures are being incorporated into cryptocurrency market, the struggle to stop or bring down the volatility of the currency is still on. Factors such as lack of intrinsic value, no institutional capital, improper implementation of the regulations, along with thin-order books have to lead to the increased volatility of the currency. Cryptocurrency news today however, currency regulation along with the markets shall effectively lower down the volatility, but these factors by their own won’t be enough for bringing in a considerable change to the present scenario.

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